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Just write the second part. That is in front, parts 1 and 2 of the first reading, egotastic to understand history, was on Friday the 17th Part 1 published in March. Anna Jean sat with me and sat down with Eddie. for Anna, the cards are shuffled and placed face down on the bed asked Jean to pick the first card. Jean pick the first map, there is a queen, Eddie was smiling as she unbuttoned her egotastic blouse and pulled it out, followed by her skirt. Jean sat in her white bra and put a white belt. Eddie was next, then Anna, she did not have to remove all, I picked up the King, Anna took off my shirt, shoes and pants, sat on my white Y fronts and socks. cowboys Next again, this time was fine, then Eddie took a Jack and Jean took his pants (which was really into this!), Which was out of Anna 's turn, she took a jacket, so its dress moved, was falling into a black bra and a white belt, then my turn, I was fine. Jean took aKing, Eddie laughed and rubbed his hands, took off his shoes, jeans, then panties and bra, Jean sat there in her stockings and suspenders and big pants, white cotton. collect set of cards until you finish the first naked as the game progressed slowly everyone's clothes Anna finally broke an ace and I was privileged to kiss for two minutes, it was embarrassing for me because I have an erection I never realized that Eddie and Jean said. The game continues until everone was naked, Eddie also called an ace, so he and Jean kissed and kissed him passionately and really it was not long before Eddie had an erection, and I was right was blessed also when ready to kiss Jean discovered his erection, she laughed briefly grabbed him and said, this is beautiful Anna told us all we egotastic have to keep playing Jean asked, what are we egotastic playing now \\ \\ n Anna answered? ' Forfiets ', his last game as egotastic when you pick a Jack kiss and touch your partner for 1 minute, if you take a queen to kiss and touch for 2 minutes and 3 minutes for a king. Jean said, based on the Ace, Anna, this is the last card was called. Jean asked what that meant. Anna said that if we all agree, of course, picking up an ace means they have sex with your partner - that is, Jean, egotastic Eddie and me and Jon. I agree egotastic with that, said Jean ( I nearly fell out of bed), but what makes Jon Eddie and I think both quickly agreed. is Jean asked Anna if we have sex in front of the other, said Anna, who would not otherwise, we can divide you and Eddie in a room and Jon and I in another. egotastic Jean then surprised me again, said instead of playing cards, why do not we split up to date and have sex, Anna said well, it was and he did not think men would object . Jean said it was taking the pill Sun Eddie did not have to use a condom, Anna said she was taking the pill also sh, then Jeanunlocked to me once told me that I will spend the night with Eddie and Anna Jon ? We agree, so Eddie and Jean dressed, took a drink and went to my room and jeans. As soon as she had left Anna told me that she and Eddie had planned earlier, Eddie had first step must be an agreement and he was all for sharing
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